Digital x-rays are gaining popularity across the country for many reasons. You can use digital imaging systems in many specialties, such as veterinary and chiropractic. When you consider the cost of developing chemicals and film, digital medical images are much cheaper than traditional film x-rays. They can also be created in less time than film images. You can retrofit existing film x-ray equipment with digital x-ray systems. This allows you to build your digital system at the price and time that suits your needs.

Chiropractic X-Ray Systems

To meet the needs of busy chiropractor practices, Digital X-Rays Cornelius NC have been developed. There are CR systems, which can be used to compute radiography, that offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional film x-ray units. Digital x-ray offers another benefit: digital images can be stored in DICOM medical imaging format. It is important to store patient images in a secure manner that meets HIPPA regulations. This includes patient confidentiality and disaster recovery in case of fire, earthquake, or flood. At your choice, digital medical images can be stored quickly on CD, DVD, or a local server. To add security, an office administrator can be responsible for the passwords and usernames of all authorized personnel to access the system.

Vet Digital X-ray Systems

The veterinary x-ray imaging system must be able to perform a wide range of tasks. These systems are used to diagnose and can also be used in a variety of environments, from your office to the field. A CR or DR imaging system is a good choice for veterinarians. It offers all the flexibility you need to view, store, and distribute digital images. You can use a mobile vet x-ray unit with a laptop computer and wireless Internet access. A printer and a PACS can also be used. This will allow you to take digital images on-site, view them, then send them back to your office for further study and consultations.

You can find out more about these and other digital medical imaging equipment by contacting an online distributor. They can answer your questions and even provide a complete system ready for you to use.

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